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About Us
As human needs are rising by learning and adapting the rapid developments in techology, the expectation from the machines increases as well.

Local authorities’ duties are getting hard to meet the expectations those has been undertaking the responsibility for serving a better environment to citizens.

Our greatest passion as Witerna is to produce highly efficient Machinery with the maximum benefit level. We desire human life to be more liveable and have higher living standards with our machines. We spend our full energy to produce the more usefull, more efficient machines with higher quality. Our extensive experience in the sector has been taking root with each produced machine by Witerna Brand for almost 10 years.
Our brand journey, started as TDI Engineering is surviving as Witerna in Vehicle Mounted Machinery Sector with thousands of machines on roads of both local and global markets. Witerna is the new name of a brand that is;
• trusted with its quality production philosophy
• innovative with using advanced technology
• problem solver with alternative perspective
• young, dynamic and outstanding sense of management
Witerna is the nova of the Turkish Machinery Sector with 100 % national capital, with a years of experience having a partnership structure all consisting from engineers.
Witerna, as an experienced manufacturer of Vehicle Mounted Machinery, has always been searching and investing in the advanced technology to produce its machines in World class. Witerna is paying attention to its customers and generating new ideas by blending them with its experience. Witerna has a solution oriented production policy rather than focusing into the problems along with its founding partners who have been actively spending hours in every stage of production with a creative and outstanding perspective.

Witerna has been manufacturing Winter Maintenance Equipments. Along with the production of
Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows, Witerna has also been sharing its experience and know-how
with esteemed partners in many different engineering
needed projects.

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