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Production processes are precisionly planned at Witerna with an engineering based partnership structure. All processes are continuously controlled by its expert engineers in order to produce quality standard confirming machines and just in time delivery. The control is based on a technologic substructure with computer aided system. That is how Witerna branded Equipments reaches to high quality and World standards classes.

As the Witerna Equipments are working under hard season conditions, we have been using high quality hydraulic and electronic components that increases the efficiency and durability of the machines.


Witerna cares R&D Works a lot with its innovative and solutioner aspect. Witerna has been increasing the product quality and efficiency besides expediting production periods with the help of using advanced technology. We continuously develop new products and add new features to current products.

We have been working hard to help to bring Turkish Machinery Sector to a certain degree in the world by searching and new production opportunities to our own production.

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