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Our Perspective
Witerna brings a new perspective to the Vehicle Mounted Machinery Sector, besides being an esteemed brand in the sector. There is an adopted philosophy by Witerna team,processing automatically from Project phase to delivery. Because every single vehicle with Witerna brand carries our promise and liability. We believe these are the factors distinguishing us from our competitors.
Our main target as Witerna is to produce highly utilized equipments. Utility is gained term by engineering tradition as custom. We believe that the machines have souls as well and and serving to the important purposes like making the human life easier and increasing the efficiency in used field. That is because we dedicate ourselves to achieve highly utilized projects providing maximum efficiency.
Long Lasting Use
Every single industrial product is a cost for capital, economic and natural resources consumption. As Witerna, we are aware of the importance of efficient use of resources for the economy. We spend over working hours in order to supply durable machines. We have been searching quality and durability rising methods and we prefer the most effective materail use by cost benefit analysis. Our vision is always “to produce next generation equipments”.
Quality at every process is Witerna’s priority. Every single objective and value of us is related to our quality understanding. We believe that we will be closer to our targets as we increase our quality standards and we will have kept our words to humanity. From the smallest component to the biggest, all parts have to meet the Witerna quality standards. Every single equipment of Witerna runs under hard winter conditions for long hours. All Witerna equipments are being tested under harder conditions than it is going to work and delivered to customer after it meets the quality standards.
Exceeding Standards
We are following the national and international norms when designing a product. We comply to all accepted norm values. What we believe is, it has to exceed beyond standards. The success comes after this blief and makes us create differences comparing to our competitors.
Innovative Solutions
Witerna does not only approach to the problems by just ignoring them but also cares more to solve rapidly. All technical and management staff has an understanding to find solutions to the problems than causing it.Their approach is to find new suggestions instead of complaining. This perspective and understanding allows us to improve and regenerate ourselves continiously, reframe and move faster.
Using Advanced Technology
It is obvious that adapting advanced technology in industry is the reason of development throughout history when all civilizations are examined. We invest into technology with this awareness. It is a must for us to use advanced technology for quality, durabilty and just in time delivery. Our years of production experince has enabled us to produce technologic hardwares and softwares in our own rights.
The positive feedbacks from our customers & endusers showing the continious trust to Witerna, is our best references for almost 10 years. Witerna is associated with the word of Trust. Witerna became a much-praised brand name with its quality, just in time delivery and after sales support. It is one of our most important duty to keep and strengthen this trust with our further trade activities.
We are Running Against Us
We take our previous Project to us as reference. Both the mistakes and the success are the subjects to be rewieved and improved. We are always in a competition with ourselves to achieve the best. We survive and stand on our own way with passion without indulging with the success and overhelmed with unsuccess.
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