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After Sales Services

The reason why Witerna has became an important and preferred brand being mentioned among with trust and quality in the sector for years is the given importance to After Sales Services. Witerna Quality Principles are applied to After Sales Services as well. Starting with just in time delivery, after sales services is being operated by trained technicians and customer relations executives.

The communication with its customers does not finish with sales, but it mainly starts and continues after sales. Both the customer claims and satisfactions are regularly recorded, reviewed in order to improve the process and followed until providing %100 satisfaction.

Witerna became a leading brand which guides the sector by raising the quality bar of the sector with its quality after sales services.

Service & Spare Parts

Witerna branded products are supported by a big corporate power throughout their life. Our friendly after- sales team has been running all around country for the best Maintenance and repair service experince. Witerna has a fast and quality after sales service and spare parts supply.

Witerna trains the operators of the equipments either in its facility or at the delivery point by its expert engineers. All equipments pass many tests while it is designed and produced in order to provide an easy use. The ease of use and understanding is taken into account during the design. A training certificate is issued to participant trainees including the training subjects and period. Witerna creates difference among its competitors by assigning experts for the operators to reach 7/24 after training as well.

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