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Company Policy

Our Quality Policy

Witerna desings and produces highly efficient, long lasting, wieldy machines beyond expectations by using advanced technology. Witerna’s Quality Policy is :

• To document, certify and continiously improve ISO 9001 Standards need as per our Quality Management System.
• To Manufacture with a Total Quality Management Understanding and to fullfill the quality requirements by all departments
• To keep all the production processes under control and improve and develop all processes.
• To support innovative and productive suggesstions and put into practice.
• To gain insight of open for improvement, problem solving and innovative perspective to all team members in Witerna organisation.
• To be a leading brand in Vehicle Mounted Machinery Sector by organising the integrated manufacturing and after sales organisation processes with Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Management System.

Human Resources Policy

Human resources management is an important issue for Witerna Organisaton Culture. We care our employees to have their all social rights within the limits of the law. Witerna has a management understanding that is caring and respecting human resources. Both blue-collar and White-collar employees are being encouraged to improve themselves technically and socially. All employees are supported to take the responsibility in their departments and to gain innovative perspectives and declare their ideas during all processes. We train all our own and business partners’ employees tecnhically, both by our own technical staff and resource technical trainers as a company who is targeting to be the school of the sector. And this makes us a brand that is supporter of qualified labour in the sector.

Environment and Social Responsibility

Witerna respects to human & environment relations and feels itself responsible against environment with an management aspect. The importance of environment protection is adopted by whole firm and we all feel ourselves responsible that a clean environment is commended to us by next generation.

Witerna takes the needed measures in use of technology in order to protect the environment. A precision work is done during the desing process in order produce less harmful machines to the environment. Witerna, as a fulfilling company of Environment Management System needs, instills the environmental consciousness to its employees as well other than the legal obligations.
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