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Winter Maintenance

Snowing and icing causes loss of life and property in terms of traffic navigation and safety on highways in Winter time. These kind of problems occured because the precautions were not taken are untenable for the modern age people.


Public bodies and local administrations have been performing 7/24 Winter programme operations for their citizes to have safe and comfortable travel in winter times.

Winter Maintenance is to prevent the snow on the road, to remove the snow from the road, de-icing and anti-skidding activities. Winter Maintenance Operations is to be planned professionally with expert business partners considering the speed and quality of the expected service and high costs.

Our priority is to provide the benefit and efficiency of our Winter Maintenance Equipments to reach to maximum levels. Our production process is based on this mentality from the Project stage to delivery. We care about the safety and the comfort of people such as an employee on the way of his work, an ambulance driver struggling to reach to patient on time and many others on the roads in winter time. We work hard to produce heavy duty machines working under hard conditions for years and to use our national sources efficiently. That is because we have been searching, developping solutions and producing the higher quality, more efficient and long lasting machines with our challenging spirit.

Witerna Winter Maintenance Equipments are divided into 2 groups as Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows. And there are several and variable models in different capacities changing due to vehicle and road conditions.
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