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Witerna Spreads and Snow Plows
Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows are used to de-icing and snow removal on the roads in winter. Salt spreaders are being used to spread salt, aggregrate and liquid de-icing material on the roads. It is a must to spread the de-icing materials effectively and properly to the unit area for salt spreaders to work more efficient. When the de-icing material is being mixed, the physical structure of the roads, temperature and the width of spreading area should be considered intently. The other important factor affecting the efficiency besided mixture is the quality of the salt spreader and its components which has to be durable enough to work long time under hard winter conditions.
Witerna Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows are being designed and tested at every stage under hardest conditions with an advanced engineering. All machines are being programmed for an ease of use for the operator to provide maximum efficieny by using minimum spreading material and cause minimum fault without decreasing the efficiency.

Because the working environment has hard conditions, it is important to use high quality hydraulic components and high strength mechanical components to reduce the failure possibilities and provide long-term usage. Witerna has a wide range of Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows to be mounted to variable carrying vehicles, able to work at any kind of environment and climate conditions.

Witerna, with its continuous studies and engineering experience, has been offering tailormade solutions for different specific projects, besides its standardized models of production.

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