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Why Witerna?
More And More...Witerna

Witerna products always assures more efficiency beyond expectations, against its competitors. Advanced engineering know- how and long term experience brings Witerna products into an irreplaceable fellow friend to the winter operators who has been fighting with snow. Because every single product is put on the table even before designing to achieve the best possible quality and efficient product by Witerna Engineers.

Witerna Salt Spreaders are designed to increase the efficiency of the product with a spreading unit providing homogen de-icing material spreading; THERMOwit system providing an instant spreading adjustment by measuring the changing weather conditions and temperature continiously; durable hydraulic and mechanical components; control panel designed for ease of use.

“Modular Hopper” designed by Witerna engineers enables to increase or decrease the hopper capacity in case of a change of carrying vehicle. As it enables to add mid-size hoppers, the vehicle’s carrying capacity is used more efficiently.

Safer, Trusted...Witerna

Winter Maintenance Equipments carries safety hazard because of the climate and operating environment conditions. These machines are pioneering to brunt the danger and troubles for the other vehicles on a closed road because of snow.

Vehicle and road safety is the top issue Witerna engineers put excessive emphasis on. The life and property safety of the moving vehicle’s drivers is provided by practising world class safety standards at every stage of Witerna production.

The possible risks in and during operation of the vehicle are minimized in order to provide the safety of the operators.

The physical conditions where the vehicles are going to be operated and the equipments to be mounted on the vehicles are evaluated through many different disciplines of engineering science and are subjected to sensitive measurements. The needed revisions are applied to the machines if safety risks are noticed.

All signalisation and warning labels provides the vehicle to be easily seen during operation under any weather conditions are installed on the vehicle due to World standards and the possible road safety risks are removed.


Witerna uses banner class hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components and does not prefer to use ready shape profiles which shortens the life and decreases the quality of the machines. Witerna objects to see its machines to be operated for long years on roads without any problems. Painting quality is one of the top important issues for these kind of machines those have been exposed to heavy weather conditions. Witerna, increases the machines durability against corrosion by painting its machines body with double acyrilic coated over primer epoxy.

User Friendly...Witerna

Witerna products has coherent, user friendly and simple design. It is designed in order to save time and labour considering the hard operating conditions to the operators. Witerna products offers solutions from design to delivery to ease the usage and increase the efficiency.

The control panels are designed to be easily used by any operator having any technical level. It is planned to be operated by any operator trained or not in case of an emergency. Control panels have a usage advantage with various language options.

Because of its ergonomic structure it is very easy to mount or demount the Salt Spreaders to the carrying vehicle. With its universal chasis design, it has the advantage to be mounted to any kind of tippers. The easiness of mounting and demounting is also because of the bolt connection at the movable parts.

Witerna Winter Maintenance Equipments is constructed on a minimal design mentality. Easy and efficiently used equipments saves from time, labour and various costs.

For Endless Solutions...Witerna

Witerna has blended its advanced engineering know-how and long-term experience to serve a wide product range to its customers. It has a wide and variable combination of products with the solutions achieved for various kind of vehicles and climate conditions From 0,2 m³ to 11 m³, 250 L to 6.500 L standardized Salt spreaders and from 1,6m to 4 m Snow Plows, it is offering various capacities and dimensions.

Witerna has been offering innovative solutions for different needs rather than its standard product range with the synthesis of its experience and know how as well.

Always by Your Side...Witerna

Witerna is a level raised brand due to its After Sales Services quality policy. Its solution partnership starts with the sales, survives during the years of equipments usage. Both the customer claims and satisfactions are regularly recorded, reviewed in order to improve the processes and followed until providing %100 satisfaction.

All vehicle operators are being traineed before delivery in order to increase the usage efficiency by its expert engineers. Witerna branded products are supported by a big corporate power throughout their life.

Our service friendly after- sales team has been running all around country for the best Maintenance and repair service experence. Witerna has a fast and quality after sales service and spare parts supply.

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